Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Operating Day at Fry's Electronics

Murphy Canyon-

Amateur radio organizations from all over San Diego County will be setting up their portable operations in the Fry's parking lot this November 7th. This is a great opportunity to meet local hams, and discuss emergency operations. Many will be displaying "go boxes", and other disaster preparedness.

The operation is set-up in the northeast corner of the Fry's parking lot in Murphy Canyon. Just look for the antennas.

Posted By: Mark Grow (Lakeside Fire Retired) KG6LI

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Emergency Portable Antenna for 2 Meters

In times of emergencies the difference between communicating, and not communicating, can come down to the antenna. Now let's be honest, the antenna that is typically sold with most amateur handy talkies is far from an effective radiator. One of the first things most amateurs do when purchasing a new radio is to replace the antenna with an upgraded antenna from a number of manufacturers that specialize in antenna construction.

But even with these fancy upgraded antennas some area will continue to have difficulty communication due to surrounding terrain. Often the solution is to get the antenna outside, and higher, but most people envision a large antenna atop a steel mast, not so.

Communication plans built around disaster communications need to be highly portable, inexpensive, and effective. For ages many hams have been constructing effective two-meter antennas out of simple ladder line. This antenna is easy to construct, can be stored in a shoe box, and is easy to deploy in times of emergency. This antenna will help squeak out all the effective power out of that handie talkie.

Two-meter slim-jim antenna simply deployed on the interior wall.

The construction plan for this antenna can be located at this site: Two-Meter Ladder Line Antenna
The parts can be located at many local ham radio specialty stores and electronic supply stores. Keep in mind that you will need an adapter to connect the feedline to the radio. You might want to take your radio with you so they can select the appropriate adapter.

Remember, test the antenna before you need it in an emergency. Try it in different locations around the homestead to see where it's most effective.

Now while this might be an easy construction for some, others might be uncomfortable with antenna construction. If you have questions seek out assistance as an improperly constructed antenna can damage your radio. It's best to seek out assistance when needed.

Mark Grow (Lakeside Fire Retired) KG6LI

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Lakeside Communications Volunteers and CERT at the San Diego Hamfest

Lakeside Rodeo Grounds-

On October 3rd, 2015 the Lakeside Amateur Radio Club invited amateur radio operators from all over to their San Diego Hamfest. This event provided a variety of activities for local hams including a swap meet, lectures, wares from local vendors, and attendance from local radio clubs. Part of the events included attendance by the Lakeside CERT Team, and presentations by the Communications Volunteer Group.

Lakeside CERT Team member Robert Kennett staffs the booth at the San Diego Ham Fest.
Lakeside Communications Volunteer Gordon Shackelford presented information to the group about recent progress made by the group in mapping out communications areas that may be problematic during a emergency. Other topics included the formation of the Communications Volunteer Group and their on-going relationship with the Lakeside Fire Protection District.

CVG Gordon Shackelford presents information to the group on current activities by the group to prepare for emergencies.
A number of vendors attended that had specific interest to amateur radio operators. The event was well attended.

Vendors fill the hall at the Lakeside Rodeo grounds.
Submitted By: Mark Grow (Lakeside Fire Retired) KG6LI

Monday, September 21, 2015

Hams to gather in Lakeside

Lakeside Rodeo Grounds- 

The Lakeside Amateur Radio Club will be sponsoring the San Diego Hamfest that will take place on October 3rd at the Lakeside Rodeo grounds. Vendors, and amateur radio operators, from all over San Diego County will gather for this one-day event.

Don't miss out.....!

Mark Grow, Lakeside Fire Retired, KG6LI

Monday, June 29, 2015

Lakeside Amateur Radio Club Holds Field Day Event

Lakeside, Calif. -

On June 27-28, 2015, the Lakeside Amateur Radio Club, also known as the LARC, participated in the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) Field Day Event at the Lakeside Fire Protection District Annex.

Field Day is a demonstration of emergency communication abilities using Amateur Radio. The LARC set up for this 24 hour event to practice their readiness to help out Lakeside in the time of need like the 2003 and 2007 Firestorms where the majority of lives were lost in Lakeside.  LARC members tested their skills by setting up a large Yagi Antenna and easy set up wire antennas to make their communications in the United States and Canada.  Most all of the equipment is owned by the individual members who brought out their gear for club members to use.  

Gordon Shackelford is also the Club's educator and
 provides classes throughout the year
LARC members connecting with other radio ham operators

They also practiced their communication skills using computer and voice communications. They trained brand new Amateur Radio Operators at this event and even conducted licensing people to become Amateur Radio Operators with 100% success. Lakeside now has a new Ham Radio Operator and another individual upgraded their license to the next level called “General Class.”  Some of the members who participated in this event are also Lakeside Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) members, and they have found a useful tool called “Amateur Radio.”
If you would like to help out with communications in the time of need in your local community by using Amateur Radio, you can learn more about the local Amateur Radio Club by visiting www.lakesideARC.org

The LARC is sponsoring an Amateur Radio Event called a Hamfest on October 3, 2015, 7am - 3pm, at the Lakeside Rodeo Grounds and additional information can be found by visiting www.SDhamfest.org.

Story by Paul Rios, LARC
Photos by M. Brown, Lakeside LVG

Friday, May 9, 2014

Communications Volunteer Group Announces Amateur Radio Classes and Testing


The Lakeside Fire Protection District, in cooperation with the Communications Volunteer Group, is pleased to announce dates for the Technician Class radio classes and testing. This is an opportunity to obtain your FCC amateur radio license. This license allows amateurs to communicate on a number of frequencies, including those most commonly used during disaster communications.

The classes will be conducted over a series of four evenings followed by testing. These classes will be conducted at the Lakeside River Park Fire Complex on Lakeside Ave. The classes are two hours long and will prepare the student for passage of the Technician Class license.

Although the class is free, students will be required to obtain a copy of the ARRL "Ham Radio Technician License Manual (2nd edition). The text can be purchased locally at Ham Radio Outlet for $29.95. The store is located at 5375 Kearny Villa Road  #113.

To register for the class contact CERT Coordinator Lance Burford at cert@lakesidefire.com. You do not need to be a CERT Team member to attend.

Submitted: Fire Engineer-CERT Coordinator Lance Buford, Lakeside Fire District

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Operating Day in San Diego

Murphy Canyon-

Amateur radio groups, and clubs, will gather in the Fry's Electronics parking-lot for the semi-annual "Operating Day." This is an opportunity to see amateur radio in action as there will be an array of operating stations bouncing their signals off the earth's outer atmosphere. So if you are thinking about getting licensed, or your a licensed amateur radio operator looking for a fun event, well head on down to Murphy Canyon this Saturday (April 26th, 2014) and meet the local radio operators.

The event runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. in the northeast corner of the Fry's parking-lot at 9825 Stonecrest Blvd. This event is held to spur interest in the amateur radio service. So come with your questions...!

For licensed radio operators the talk-in frequency is 146.550 (simplex). See you there.   

This event is ssponsored by the Six Shooters Amateur Radio Club. 

Submitted By: Fire Captain Mark Grow, Lakeside Fire District